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Creativity in Coaching with Lorraine Steele & Peter Moolan Feroze






Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4AA, United Kingdom


£ 20.83-37.50

The Association for Coaching are delighted to introduce Lorraine Steele and Peter Moolan Feroze to speak for us in London in an event kindly sponsored by NatWest Markets at 250 Bishopsgate. Lorraine Steele, a senior coach & Peter Moolan Feroze, a creative consultant, combine coaching with art to create a unique & powerful tool to enrich the coaching experience. You will learn to use pastel drawings with the client that will increase their ability to explore their feelings & release subconscious thoughts that don’t always surface as effectively through conversation. DUE TO THE VENUE’S STRICT SECURITY POLICY BOOKINGS WILL CLOSE ON 19.1.18 EX VAT: Members £20.83, Non-Members £37.50

Event Summary

During the evening you will explore a series of practical and accessible exercises which will enable you to give your clients the confidence to communicate their issues, goals and aspirations through inspiring and thought-provoking drawings.

This workshop is useful for all levels of coaches. Whether one with several years’ experience looking to deepen their skill base or for ‘newer’ coaches who are curious about how to differentiate their offering.  All will find the workshop both practical and deeply rewarding (no drawing skills of any kind are needed to fully benefit).

By the end of the session you will be able to use:

  • Drawing exercises with clients that provide insightful results in an innovative and enjoyable way
  • Visual language to enhance the client’s resourcefulness by providing a new perspective on their challenges
  • Drawing as an alternative to the spoken word language that unlocks fresh potential in the client and supports you, the coach, to engage at a deeper level with the client
  • Visual thinking as a tool that will broaden your clients understanding of their current ‘reality’ and suggest more ways forward ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’
  • Drawings to create a different mood and energy in the room when the client gets stuck.

Peter and Lorraine have appeared for us previously and their session received fabulous feedback:

‘Your workshop offered something both new and inspiring, the best I have been to in a long time.”

‘This was an excellent event, it exceeded my expectations’.


Attendance qualifies for CPD and a Certificate will be emailed to you after the event.  


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