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Creative Techniques - Truth, Withholds and Lies Workshop








£ 45.00

Creative Techniques – Truth, Withholds and Lies Workshop

Time 10.30 – 14.30

Location: Reading, Berkshire

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Coaches, Counsellors or Therapists undergoing their training or fully qualified, who are wishing to explore how creative techniques unlock a deeper conversation with their clients.
  • Individuals wanting to know more about themselves – what makes you tick, understand your beliefs, values and behaviours, where they came from and explore if they are still serving you well.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be ‘creative’ to get the benefit from these workshops!

It’s about using alternative ways, other than the spoken word, to express what’s going on. Using creativity, colour, shapes, writing and other inspirational ways  to explore thoughts and challenges and find a deeper understanding.

For those of us in the coaching, counselling and therapy profession, creative techniques are a welcome addition to our tool-kit and one that Dr Pat Williams, co-founder of the ICF Core Competencies, calls an advanced skill, because, “it helps clients to get to the unconscious part without words getting in the way.”

​By experiencing each exercise, you will come to understand how the tools and techniques work and how powerful they can be in providing an opportunity to find new perspectives and gain new insights that help create a positive shift.


Truth, Withholds and Lies Workshop

These workshops are held periodically throughout the year and are designed to provide further opportunities to explore creativity as a means of personal and professional development.

Priority booking will be given to people who have already been on one or more of our workshops and themes are based on feedback from our community about what they would like to explore.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Do you always tell the truth?

Is it ok to tell white lies and withhold information?

When do you lie and why?

What other choices do you have?

Becoming aware of the choices we are making, all the time, to tell the truth, withhold information or tell a lie is, for most of us, an on-going challenge. And to complicate matters, we often feel ‘right’ in withholding or lying because we believe we are protecting someone’s feelings or saving them some hurt. But withholds and lies are both a form of self-deception. This is why raising those choices from the unconscious to the conscious level, matters.

Join us as we explore our individual approaches to truth, withholds and lies and the underlying behaviours that can result in self-deception, distortion, defensiveness and denial.

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Lindsey Wheeler works as an executive development coach and outplacement and career coach, having qualified in coaching after a successful corporate career spanning global sales, marketing and organisational development. She originally trained as an NLP coach and then went on to develop her skills in a variety of models and techniques where she developed a deep love of using creative ways to facilitate her client’s journey. She now partners with Christina Bachini to share her knowledge and experience with other coaches and counsellors so they can personally experience the value of physical and creative approaches so that they can adapt and use them in their own practice.


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