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Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy writes:

Here is a message from Marc Bowles PCC one of our Faculty, Mentor Coaches and Coaches, about the complementary session he will be delivering on Wednesday this week.

“I look forward to our time together Wednesday January 18th. As I preflect (‘to think about something that is going to happen’ – Macmillan Dictionary) on our time together, I want to reach out to ensure that together we create an environment for this learning journey that is spacious and impactful.

As this is an experiential session, I ask that you bring the following (of course this list includes bringing your whole self):
   Magazine(s) you are willing to cut images from
   Images: a variety that resonate with you
   Post it Notes – Different colours if you have them
   Felts or crayons
   Extra blank paper
   Scissors
   Learners Mindset
   Curiosity
   Willingness to play in the sandbox virtually!”

Do register in advance for our complementary CoachME Community Café Event.
Speaker: Marc Bowles
Title: Creative Reflective Practice for 2023
Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Time: PT 8.30 am – 9.45 am, EST 11.30 am, UK 4.30 pm, Qatar 7.30 pm, India 10.00 pm

Here is the registration link or scan the QR code for easy sign-ups:


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