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Conversations with coaches about mental health – how can we make a difference? Led by Anne Archer

About this Event

As coaches we are in a privileged position to be a trusted advisor and professional problem solver with our clients. One of the shifting conversations that coaches are experiencing is the one about mental health.

  • Are you equipped to notice early warning signs that someone is moving towards mental ill health?
  • Are you willing to challenge stigma and ill-informed actions?
  • Are you curious about how coaches can make a difference?
  • Are you willing to play an active role in co-creating a paradigm shift in how coaches interact with and impact mental health?

If you are interested and would welcome an opportunity to collaborate with coaches from around the world to grow, learn and explore together .

This is the first of these ground-breaking conversations. Each conversation will hold a different lens on how we can shift perspectives. In this first conversation we will be guided by Neil Mullarkey ( who brings an inspired way of using humour, amongst other things, to connect and challenge the status quo.

These conversations will be free to join. We just ask that you make a recommended donation of £6 that contributes to supporting the Mental Health Agenda. Any donations made through this link will be shared between Mind and Shout.


Anne is an Executive Coach working with leaders across Europe, with a background of working and leading global teams. She also:

  • Trains coaches as resilience coaches
  • Assesses on an advanced coaching programme (PCC).
  • Supervises individuals and groups who are working as coaches in health, wellbeing, stress management.
  • Is currently finishing a book of useful strategies for Health, Recovery and Wellbeing, through Routledge with two colleagues one a physical health champion and the other a recovery expert.
  • Took the decision to offer a few hours a week to work on a Crisis line for people experiencing distress.
  • Is committed and passionate about how coaches can transform lives and how our unique position allows people the space to open up to themselves and their possibilities, wherever they are.
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