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'Connect &Thrive': How to Combat Loneliness at Work








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The evidence is clear: loneliness has a toxic impact on both our psychological and physical health. But why is such an important wellbeing topic also so difficult to discuss? And is there anything we can do to combat our own experience of loneliness?

In this session, Chartered Psychologist and Coach Dr. Richard MacKinnon, will share some key research insights into loneliness, bust common myths associated with the experience, and share some simple but effective ways we can each overcome our own loneliness.

Attendees will also get access to a selection of key digital resources, so they can start putting new thinking skills into practice, as well as the new guide from WorkLifePsych, “Connect & Thrive“, co-authored with Dr. Sarah Wright, an academic expert in the field.

Richard MacKinnon is a Chartered Psychologist and Registered Coaching Psychologist based in London, with over 18 years experience as a practitioner. Richard’s coaching practice focuses on three broad areas: wellbeing, productivity and interpersonal effectiveness. 


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