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Conference - Let's Talk Values; Belfast






Belfast Metropolitan College, 398 Springfield Road, Belfast


£ 0 - £49

Hosted by the Institute of Leadership & Management

Let’s talk Values: Belfast

“One problem with values is that we are for ever trying to prioritize them into some league table of relative human worth and getting them to compete with each other, so we will learn which is best. It does not seem to occur to us that this mania for hierarchical ordering reduces variety, diversity, alternative possibilities, uniqueness and the rich subtlety of distinctions.”

Charles Hampden-Turner CInstLM (2019)

This conference explores what leaders and managers mean when they talk about values. How personal, team and organisational values may be aligned and how knowing and understanding what is ‘valued’ improves the daily practice of leadership and opens up these ‘alternative possibilities’



Phil James – Chief Executive

John Chantry MBA CinstLM MCMI – Head of Partner Support. South, West and Ireland St. James’s Place Wealth Management

Alan Williams – Founder & MD, SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL

Jackie Lefevre – Director of Magma Effect

Kate Cooper – Head of Research


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