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£ 300 - 360 + VAT

Compassion Focused Therapy is an established evidence-based approach used in clinical settings. In this Signature Programme, you will be guided through the main elements of theory that are most useful when working with executive clients and teams. It can be integrated into your existing coaching practice and complement what you do already.

8 September – What is compassion and why apply it to coaching

15 September – Our tricky brain and its problematic loops

29 September – The three systems of emotion regulation and how to apply them

6 October – Fears, blocks and resistances to compassion

13 October – Self-criticism, its function and how it blocks us; and compassionate self-correction as an alternative

20 October -Thought balancing, letter writing, and behavioural goals

3 November – Identifying our multiples

10 November – Enhancing our compassionate inner coach

All registered will receive a certificate of 12 CPD hours at the end of the programme

Speaker: Dr Ashleigh McLellan, Clinical Psychologist & Compassionate Mind Foundation

Format: A series of 8 online sessions: 90-minute interactive webinars. Recordings, slides, and other resources will be available to all registered

AC Members: £300+ VAT

Non-Members, including 1-year AC Associate membership: £360 + VAT**

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