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Coaching at work masterclass - Positive Psychology in Action






The Tavistock Institute, 30 Tabernacle Street, London


£ 167-197

Lucy Ryan

As far as coaching goes, positive psychology offers the world of coaching something very special – an evidence based framework and a rich scientific body of work from which to design your interventions. Since working in this field for 10 years, my aim for this workshop is to share my learning and dig deeper into three big areas of positive psychology. We will ‘play with’ positive interventions that go beyond the norm you can read in most PP books and will stimulate your action and thinking for your clients. The three areas we will focus on will be:

  1. Character Strengths
  2. Positive Emotions and Resilience
  3. Motivation and Peak Performance. Particularly working with teams.

Typically I work with corporate leaders but you will find the exercises we discuss appropriate for many walks of life. I also tend to work visually, as well as cerebrally, with clients so you will find the exercises involve cards; grids and ‘walk-arounds’, with a wealth of suggested coaching questions.

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