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In this intimate conversation, with just 15 people, APECS honorary member Nancy Kline will lead us in an opening round that considers “What question is directing your life right now?”

There will then be an opportunity to find out more about the latest material and changes in the Thinking Environment. Nancy will also share the thinking behind her new book, “The Promise That Changes Everything – I Won’t Interrupt You.”


The webinar will be done mainly through Q&A and you are encouraged to bring a question or two with you!


About Nancy 

Nancy Kline is Founding Director of Time To Think, a global leadership development and coaching company. Her ongoing research through teaching, lecturing and working with colleagues, professionals, executives and teams around the world continues to build the body of thought known as the Thinking Environment! Nancy is also the author of four books on the Thinking Environment, including the recently published bestseller, The Promise That Changes Everything: I Won’t Interrupt You (Penguin Random House), and the 20-year bestseller Time To Think (Cassell/Octopus). Nancy is Visiting Faculty at The Henley Centre for Coaching. Born and raised in New Mexico, USA, Nancy is also a UK citizen and lives in Oxfordshire with her English husband, Christopher Spence.

You can go to Nancy’s website to find out more:

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