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Coaching the Imposter - ICF Live Webinar








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Join Dr Terri Simpkin as she highlights how the people experiencing the phenomenon can be supported to overcome the behaviours and thoughts of IP through the coaching relationship.

Social media and the popular press have been buzzing with stories of the impostor syndrome recently. People in the public eye from Gwyneth Paltrow to Michelle Obama, from Neil Gaiman to Neil Armstrong have all identified with the irrational sense of feeling like a fake, a phoney or simply feeling ‘not good enough’.
But the reality of the impostor phenomenon (as it is more correctly known) has broad and deep implications not only for individuals as parents and professionals, but for those in leadership and for organisational teams. It’s complex, socially learned and potentially socially limiting.


Dr Terri Simpkin is building on over 40 years of research into the impostor phenomenon, shedding light on how it is largely misunderstood and under-recognised as a personal, leadership and workplace issue.

Learning outcomes would be:

Determine the fact from fiction to realise an understanding of the breadth and depth of impostor phenomenon, it’s behaviours and thought patterns.
Identify the personal and professional consequences for individuals and leaders.
Generate an understanding of the cyclical nature of the phenomenon and coaching responses to break the cycle.

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