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An exploration of how using coaching questions influenced by Rene Descartes’ ‘Cartesian Co-ordinates,’ can help clients explore decisions they wish to make from more perspectives than purely the pros and cons.

Clients can often get stuck in their own thinking when it comes to problems they have or decisions they wish to make. In exploring the pros and cons of a decision, whilst likely to prove fruitful to a degree, the client is potentially limiting themselves to conscious thinking and unwittingly creating ‘boundaries’ to their thinking. Using a questioning methodology known as ‘Cartesian logic’ or ‘Quantum linguistics’, coaches can help clients to push beyond the boundaries of conscious thought into the realm of their unconscious mind to explore their problems or decisions from a number of different perspectives, ultimately providing more insight.


During this session, the origins of Cartesian logic will be shared and attendees will understand how Rene Descartes, (the noted 17th century philosopher) and his wondering about how to describe the location of a fly on his ceiling, have influenced a questioning methodology designed specifically to disorient the conscious mind and gain access to the unconscious, unbounded mind to support their clients even more powerfully.

Who should attend
Anyone interested in the use of linguistics in coaching and helping clients explore beyond their preconceived boundaries, whether you have experience with NLP techniques or not. There will be opportunities for audience participation to play with language and question creation and also time for a Q&A with Tom. Please come along with an open mind, some examples of problems or decisions ‘typical’ clients might have, and your voice to join the conversation.


Guest Speaker
Tom White is a personal development coach, recent psychology Masters graduate, beard enthusiast and passionate collector. Tom is the owner of Kellenva Coaching and works with individuals and teams on defining and aligning to their purpose through helping them to build new awareness, identify new choices and regain their personal power. Tom is fascinated by human behaviour and its impact and this features in his coaching and facilitation work as well as his research interests in social and consumer psychology.

The organiser

Sally Waters
Sally is a coach who works with people in mid-career to help them figure out their next move (and make it happen). She is a career changer and conducted MSc research into the lived experience of changing career in your 40s for more meaningful work. Her coaching centres wellbeing and is informed by psychology. She is a Co-Lead of the Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology.

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