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An introduction to the concept of mindfulness and how mindful awareness can support coaches before, during and after coaching.

Harvard research has shown that the human mind wanders about 47% of the time, due to its tendency to ruminate about the past or contemplate the future. Becoming aware of our mental distractions is significant for coaches, as being present and focused are core competencies that can improve rapport and connection in coaching. Mindfulness practice helps to create mindful awareness by intentionally placing attention on the present moment with mindful attitudes, such as openness and non-judgement. Meta-awareness of thoughts, feelings and sensations can support coaches in noticing mental patterns and automatic reactions, allowing them to choose skilful responses. This can positively affect all aspects of the coaching process and inherently also benefit the coachees and coaching outcomes.

This session will introduce the participants to theoretical concepts and experiential mindfulness practices that can help coaches in maintaining focus while becoming more aware of mental and physical signals in coaching. This greater awareness can enrich the coaching process by providing access to additional details about the self and others. The session will also illustrate how the intentional cultivation of mindful attitudes, such as openness and non-judgement, can mitigate subconscious biases and stereotyping, and create a more inclusive coaching environment. Mindful attitudes like kindness and self-compassion can also support coaches in their reflective practice and enhance their wellbeing.

The session content is relevant to anyone who is interested in exploring how mindfulness could support their professional practice. The cultivation of mindful awareness and attitudes can be particularly useful for people in helping professions, such as coaches, supervisors, mentors, teachers, therapists, doctors and nurses. Please be aware that the session will cover short mindfulness practices to provide an opportunity for experiential learning.

Guest Speaker
Eike Tischer is a consultant, coach and co-founder of the Oxford Coaching Partners. She supports her clients during times of uncertainty and change in their professional and personal life. Eike has a passion for wellbeing and regularly facilitates experiential coaching workshops and mindfulness training. She has a master’s degree in Coaching and Mentoring Practice, is an accredited EMCC senior practitioner, a licensed career counsellor and qualified in mindfulness based cognitive therapy with the Oxford University Mindfulness Foundation. Her MA dissertation focused on how mindfulness training can support coaches and their practice. She is a member of the Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology.

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