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The Association for Coaching (AC) is pleased to welcome Maria Iliffe-Wood to speak at this 3 hr Virtual Event ‘Coaching Presence’. This event is a reflective exploration into the space between the words in our coaching relationships.

This Virtual Event will be a slow-paced reflection into what lies underneath and between the actions and words that take place in the coaching relationship.

Presence is what is experienced when words and thinking fall away and underpins our work as a coach.

Maria will share her experience of presence with the invitation to listen to your own inner wisdom and what it has to tell you about presence and coaching.

In this Virtual Event you will learn:

  • Act as a reminder of where to find the source of your inner wisdom.
  • Help you have a deeper connection with who you really are, underneath all of your thinking.
  • Provide realisations about presence that will be unique to you.
  • Give you a deeper trust in presence and the impact that can have in your coaching relationships.

Speaker Bio

Maria Iliffe-Wood has been coaching people for over 30 years. She works with a wide range of leaders in organisations, individually or in teams. She is a Coach Supervisor. She holds qualifications for coaching, team coaching, leadership coaching and coach supervision.

She works with people who want to grow their leadership and/or coaching capability and are ready to go beyond models, theories, tools and techniques. People who are willing and open to see a deeper perspective that holds the potential for transformational growth in all aspects of their role. People who are ready to take a giant leap in their personal development and professional growth. Maria helps people to explore the depth and breadth of their inner wisdom.

She has a broad experience working in a range of business settings including housing, retail, financial, construction and charity, both in the public and private sector.

Maria is the author of Coaching Presence, Building Consciousness and Awareness into Coaching Interventions, which is published in English, Russian and South Korean and has been read in over 20 different countries.

She is a registered 3 Principles practitioner, a member of the Association for Coaching and the Association of Coaching Supervisors.

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