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Coaching Leaders of and in Change - Full day with Dr Robyn Vesey






C I W E M, 106-109 Saffron Hill, London


£ 160 - £190 +VAT

AC Skills Development Event

Organisational life change is understood as the only constant – with many innovative as well as reactive changes now an assumed part of organisational life. And yet changes often bring challenges with complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty, making plans and collaborative efforts increasing issues for leaders and executives.

The systems-psychodynamic approach focuses on the prevalent but unspoken realities of change: anxiety, paralysis and grief. Additionally, the particular context of organisational change – such as downsizing, succession or competitive growth – will have both strategic and emotional implications. Through focusing on coaches’ capabilities to skilfully recognise and address these often un-acknowledged experiences of change in coaching, this workshop will develop the ways coaching of executives and leaders can engage their creative capacities to collaborate and affect change in their organisations.

In this Skills Development Day you will learn:

How organisational change will have both strategic and emotional implications
The unspoken realities of change
How to increase your skill level for coaching leaders in a context of change
To develop ways coaching executives and leaders to engage their creative capacities to collaborate and affect change in their organisations.

Attendance qualifies for CPD and a certificate will be emailed to you post-event


Dr Robyn Vesey is an organisational consultant and coach at Tavistock Consulting. She has over ten years’ experience as a clinical psychologist and manager in the NHS and has worked as a tutor and educator on clinical psychology professional training courses. Robyn has an MA in Management and Organisational Dynamics and is engaged in coaching across sectors and levels, using the systems-psychodynamic approach. She is currently a Co-Director of Tavistock Consulting’s Executive Coaching Programme and is an occasional contributor to articles in the national media on the psychology of the workplace including in the Guardian, Times and Financial Times.


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