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The Association for Coaching (AC) and the Institute of Coaching’s (IOC) International Leadership and Coaching Conference Coaching in the Workplace, is taking place online from 24-26 June 2020, and we hope you can join us there!

Through our cutting-edge online platform, connect with shared wisdom and inspiration on how you can continue to add greater value, contribute and stay relevant as a seasoned Executive and Team Coach in this new virtual landscape.

This event will bring together business executives, HR & talent professionals, leading academics, industry experts, and internal and external coaches from across the globe as they share their wisdom on optimizing the impact of coaching in this current climate.

Hear the latest empirical thinking and practical applications for coaching in the workplace. Gain access to over 35 hours of talks, live interactive coaching circles, session recordings, podcasts, articles and white papers, along with a broad range of resources.


Featured Speakers

Syl Saller – Unleashing transformational growth through a leader-coach approach

Join Syl Saller, Global CMO of Diageo and Katherine Tulpa, Global CEO of the Association for Coaching and Wisdom8, for an exciting conversation about what it means to lead with a coaching approach, from both a client and coach perspective.


Alexander Caillet – Team Coaching Advanced | Sensing & Making Moves around Accountability

The Corentus Team Coaching model includes three components: sensing (observing the team in action); making moves (real-time interventions), and being (the presence and state of mind necessary to sense and make moves effectively). In this advanced workshop, Alexander will focus on sensing and making moves around a critical area of team functioning: accountability


Susan DavidEmotional Agility in Organisations

Outstanding organisations are built on a culture of flexibility, teaming, innovation, and customer-centricity. Yet, complexity conspires against culture, creating rigidity, stifling creativity, and weakening relationships. Susan explores the critical, internal psychological habits of emotional agility that enable people to engage, drive culture, and thrive.

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