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We often think of coaching as being about helping people improve their performance and supporting them to be at the top of their game. While these are laudable aims for our profession, this webinar will explore the notion that perhaps coaching is about something other than this.

What if coaching were about supporting people in difficult times, facing difficult choices and conflicting commitments? What if coaching were about helping people to appreciate what they have and being okay with okay? What difference would that make to our work as coaches and to our clients?

Aboodi Shabi

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Aboodi has worked in executive coaching and coach training since the mid-1990s and has several years of international coaching, training and leadership development experience.

He has delivered coach-training programmes and worked with executives and teams all over the world, in sectors ranging from NGOs to financial services, pharmaceuticals and media.

Aboodi is a regular speaker on the international coaching circuit, and an invited guest tutor on mastery in coaching at several European coaching schools.

He has been on the ICF global coaching board, and was founding co-president of the UK ICF Chapter. He is currently on the editorial board of Coaching at Work magazine.

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