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Coaching exploration, reflecting on Professional and Master level








For Coaches


£ 24.00

Coaching exploration, reflecting on Professional and Master level facilitated by Lesley Cave

The group reflection and learning work will be undertaken as part of the Local Coaching Community via Zoom

The group will run from 1900-2100

The focus of the 2 hours is an exploration of the ICF competencies through observation and discussion around a coaching demonstration by Deryn Holland. She will complete a half-hour live coaching demonstration asking those attending to observe and comment on her use of the ICF competencies. She will also link some of the feedback to themes from her work as a coach trainer and supervisor.

We will look at the competencies shown but also ask them to reflect on openings that they noticed and allow small groups to explore how else they may have progressed the coaching conversation. We will explore the impact of the particular coaching approach, using the insight of the individual who has just benefitted from focusing on their subject (i.e. the thinker)

We will be using the present PCC level markers so that all the coaches will reflect on their own practice at that level.

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