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By Coach Supervisor Simon Hague

In 2019, I had an idea. An idea that would link coaching supervision and coaching development together in a safe and challenging environment. The Coaching Development and Supervision Cohort was born. Since then, three cohorts have enjoyed the 12-month flagship programme helping them to better coaches and businesses. More information and what some of the cohort have said can be accessed here.

As an experienced Exec Coach, I was keen to refresh my skills in terms of techniques. I was also seeking the opportunity to be involved in collaborative supervision.

I am achieving so much more. We have quickly developed a fabulous support network where we gladly share and learn from each other. Spending quality time with people who share the same belief and passion for coaching and its benefits has been food for my soul. I am also learning great techniques for group coaching thanks to Simon’s magnificent skills.

In October 2021, a new experienced coach cohort will start. I have a few people interested in joining already, and I am seeking a few more committed souls to move their coaching further. As a cohort, you quickly establish trust and grow. My role is as a facilitator, as a leader, to ensure that things happen when they should and to supply the structure for your growth, safety and development as a coach.

If you are interested in joining this cohort, please do book a ‘chat time’ so we can explore your requirement in a bit more detail.

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