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£ 166.50 - £240

This one-day workshop aims to support coaches to separate the social media and populist view of the impostor phenomenon from the profound and broad ranging truth of impostor experiences in clients.

Drawing on over forty years of research and Dr Terri Simpkin’s own global studies, the workshop is an evidence-based exploration of the sources, experiences and possible resolutions of the impostor phenomenon.

This is a small group workshop and places are limited. Validation for CPD is currently pending.

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Who it’s for

Coaches working with executives, leaders or people aspiring to leadership positions particularly women. Also, the programme will assist coaches working with people who may exhibit impostor phenomenon behaviours and thought patterns such as perfectionism, extreme self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence.


As a coach, it’s more than likely you’re working with people who can be braver, stronger, smarter. Deep down, these people know they are as good, if not better than those around them. An irrational sense of ‘phoniness’ is keeping them from being all they know they could be.

Coach Braver Stronger Smarter aims to help coaches identify where these fears come from and to assist clients to diminish them. It provides deep insight into the personal and professional capacities of others, helping them to achieve personal mastery, personal effectiveness and professional achievement.

A day of collaborative insight will identify how you can make a contribution to the way others approach their place in a complex world and how their true capabilities can be revealed for greater personal and professional satisfaction.

Benefits of attending

The programme assists coaches to understand what the impostor phenomenon actually is in comparison to the simplified and often incorrect notions of the ‘impostor syndrome’.

Workshop outcomes allow coaches to –

  • Accurately understand what the impostor phenomenon is and how it comes to be
  • Differentiate between the ‘social media’ view of the ‘impostor syndrome’ and the gravity of the experience of impostor phenomenon
  • Appreciate the breadth and depth of impacts on individuals and those around them
  • Recognise the cycle of ‘impostor’ thoughts and behaviours
  • Identify the verbal and physical language of the ‘impostor’
  • Explore the source of impostor experiences and unpick the ‘stories’ and personal narratives that feed them
  • Establish a suite of responses to assist in the coaching relationship for better outcomes and to leverage other coaching practices and interventions

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Enrol now

As a coach you are in a prime position to assist clients who know they can be better if only they could let go of the fear of failure, fear of success and the fear of being found out as a fake. Enrol now via Eventbrite to develop evidence based, robust tools to better assist your clients for the long term.


  • Early Booking to 14th October 2019 £185 (+15.02 Eventbrite booking fee)
  • General Workshop Registration £240 (+19.31 Eventbrite booking fee)
  • Use the Trusted Coaches Network Code – TrustedCoach for a 10% preferential rate

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