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Solihull Methodist Church, Blossomfield Road, Solihull


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£ 12 Inc vat


Co-Coaching – a great way for you as a coach to develop your skills so you can be even more focussed for your clients.

Co-Coaching is a fantastic way to meet and work with other coaches from all disciplines of our profession. By practising our coaching in a safe environment, we can grow our professional practice to the benefit of our clients.

These sessions are facilitated by TCD Executive Coach & Coach Supervisor Simon Hague

I know that when I started this group in 2013, many people were understandably anxious about coming along. It could be that you are a new coach, just going through training, perhaps just qualified, or even have many years under your belt – our co-coaching is a place where you will be welcome and supported.

The structure for the Co-Coaching sessions is usually a short introduction to a model followed by breaking out into smaller groups. Usually, you will get an opportunity to

  1. Be the coach and receive feedback.
  2. Be coached on a subject (so bring a subject with you). As this is a coaching setting, confidentialities are managed by the group and self. Please bear this in mind when you choose your subject area as well as managing your own levels of disclosure.
  3. Be an observer and witness the impact that coaching can have

By attending Co-Coaching, you will expand your learning and competence as a coach. This is delivered in a cost-effective way, leveraging different styles of coaching including outdoors, group/team, one on one coaching and discussion.

For the sake of intimacy, we keep the numbers to 12 in the larger group so booking in advance is advisable.


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