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Hosted by Chantal Cornelius, this 4 part course is run on Tuesday afternoons, starting on 2 November.

It will take you through the 4 most important elements of marketing that you need to understand, to help you decide on the best marketing activities for your coaching business.

  • Simple, practical advice to help you win the clients you need, to grow your coaching business.
  • More time coaching and less time on marketing and sales, to help you make a success of your coaching business.
  • Work with someone who has been helping coaches to grow successful businesses since 2000.

Why should you join this course?

Chantal has been working with coaches for over 20 years, helping them to understand the important elements of marketing their businesses. No fluff and no jargon. No need to spend hours on social media trying to persuade people to buy from you! Hundreds of coaches have benefited from my simple, practical guidance, growing successful businesses.

Every month many more coaches become qualified, hoping to make a living from coaching. Only those who understand how to market their services will survive and build a successful coaching business. This course will ensure that you become one of the successful ones.

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