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Facilitated by Jackie Jarvis – The Walking Business Coach and Author of Quick Wins in Sales and Marketing

In association with Helen Isacke – Founder of the Trusted Coach Directory.


This group mentoring programme mirrors Jackie’s one-to-one work with coaches and is designed to help newly trained coaches to build their practice in the right way from the start.

It provides focus, content and a structure that will enable thinking through the right things in the right order, plus encouragement and support to do important thinking in between sessions.


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This 3-month (6 session) group programme starts 29th January 2024 – places limited


Recent Recommendation from a New Coach:

“Since starting to work with Jackie three months ago I have seen my business (and myself as a business owner) grow immensely! I love the way she is combining her tactical coaching with sharing her huge knowledge and providing guidance as a seasoned mentor, which helped me become clearer on the steps (and the order) I need to take to grow my coaching practice.

She provided a super useful frame that structured my journey as well as accountability, which ensured that I knew what to do next rather than get stuck in overwhelm. We reviewed and celebrated my progress; she supported me with finding solutions for the challenges along the way.

In such a short time, I have found new clients, gained confidence in running my own business and can see a clear path of how I can continue bringing my ambition to fruition. I can’t wait to pick things up again after the summer. Thank you for the great partnership so far!” Anika Basler New Coach (now the Millennials and Graduates Coach)


Jackie Jarvis – The Walking Business Coach

Jackie Jarvis helps new and established coaches find their pathway to working with the clients they are best suited to serve. She facilitates with wisdom and structure to enable light to shine on their best positioning, route to market and the right steps to build a sustainable practice.

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