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Clean Coaching Module One: Gaining Insight through Movement








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Clean Coaching provides a different, simple yet highly effective approach to one-to-one facilitation. It is a style, strategy and set of techniques that help coachees gain insight and make changes through discovering more about their own ‘insider’ perspective: of themselves and the world around them.

Through the use of specifically-phrased, structured coaching questions, the coach’s own biased perspectives are stripped from their language, ensuring the coachee’s unique personal experience is honoured. With no distraction, the coachee’s imagination is free to flourish and new ideas and understandings can emerge.

This is a foundation-level course aimed at complete beginners covering simple and practical ways to bring a Clean approach to your coaching.

The course takes place online and consists of four live online classes in small groups (with a choice of class times). Plus supervised practice with tutor feedback.

All classes facilitated by Angela Dunbar

Dates: Tues 8th Sept, 22nd Sept, 6th Oct and 20th October 2020.

Discount available for ‘early bird’ bookings

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