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Clean Coaching - Module One "Gaining Insight through Movement"








£ 198.00


Class Dates:

Tues 26th March, 9th April, 30th April and 14th May 2019

Class Times: Choice of:

  • 11:00am -12.30pm UK time (11:00 GMT/10:00 GMT from April) or
  • 6:00pm -7.30pm UK time (18:00/17:00 GMT from April)

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All classes will be recorded so if you can’t make one in person you will be able to listen afterwards and participate remotely.


  • 6 weeks duration with four live classes, 12 hours total CPD

What you will gain:

  • The confidence and know-how to facilitate clients to make transformational changes using the principles of ‘Clean’ and ‘Emergent Knowledge’ within your coaching.

What this course will cover:

This is Module One of a four part programme, suitable for those with no previous ‘Clean’ training. During this module you will learn all you need to work cleanly with a coachee throughout a complete coaching session. We will cover:

  • How to explain Clean Coaching to a potential client so as to arouse curiosity and set appropriate and realistic expectations.
  • How to ask Clean questions so they land deep – covering pace, pauses, tone and emphasis.
  • How to start a Clean Coaching session, quickly clarifying both the coachee’s outcome and current situation using visual, verbal and spatial representation.
  • Enabling the coachee to construct a powerful 3 dimensional ‘map’ of their situation that they can physically move in and around, gaining new perspectives and trying new positions that stimulate mental reframing and encourage creative insights to emerge.
  • Grove’s theory of people change: ‘The Six Steps to Freedom’ concept – incorporating networking theory, systems thinking and the power of iteration.
  • A step by step process to facilitate change: ‘Clean Networks’ – easy to implement and practical in almost all kinds of coaching situations, the process can be adapted for groups as well as individuals and offers a flexible, creative way to work with all kinds of people on any kind of outcome.
  • Clean action planning – how to end a Clean Coaching session with extremely clear and defined action steps, that the coachee creates for themselves, takes complete ownership of and is highly motivated to follow through on.
  • What to do in a client ‘emergency’
  • The qualities required for working Cleanly as a coach – and how to foster them in yourself

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