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Clean Coaching - A Crash Course in Creativity








£ 99.00

This event consists of a series of 4 hour-long online sessions over a six week period.

Dates: Weds 11th March, 25th March, 8th April and 22nd April 2020.

In this webinar series, delivered by Angela Dunbar, you will learn the basics of taking a Clean Approach to coaching. You will learn how to prevent any unconscious bias creeping into your coaching that might prevent your coachee from discovering their own unique answers. You will learn how to ask Clean Language questions to tap into your coachee’s imaginative self and connect with their own inner wisdom.

We will look at the coachee’s use of metaphor as a doorway to inner thought patterns. This webinar will also cover other aspects of working cleanly such as using space, movement and the power of repetition.

Each interactive webinar includes:

  • Post-session resources and reading materials
  • Access to recordings of all sessions
  • Access to online discussion group
  • Access to pool of practice partners

The webinar series will be highly practical and look at real-life examples of using Clean Coaching, plus there will be ample opportunity to practice what you learn through take-away practice session arrangements.

The webinars are suitable for both new and experienced coaches looking for new techniques and frameworks to help coachees gain creative insights and make deep and sustainable changes.

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