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Clean and the Allowed Breath – Exploring the relationship (Clean Coaching Centre)








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Introduced by Angela Dunbar:

As Clean Coaches who also practice and offer Breathexperience, we are exploring the relationship between the Clean approach to a coaching conversation and the Breathexperience approach to sensing our breath moving in our body.  In our view, both practices spring from the same source – the honouring and allowing of every individual’s innate wisdom.  Both approaches give access to that innate wisdom.  We are interested in how, as facilitators, we can draw upon these complementary disciplines, to the benefit of our own and our clients’ experience.

This session will be hosted by Valerie Galvin and Soula Kallinis.

 What will happen in the Workshop: 

  • Breathexperience is a somatic practice based in the Allowed Breath – sensing the movement of breath as you let it come and go on its own. Clean Language, EK and Breathexperience offer unique containers for exploration of Self. The Breathexperience container is physical movement and how the breath moves within it. 
  • Direct Experience: You will experience what sensing the allowed breath while moving in these ways has to offer you.
  • Presence: We will explore Presence and how it can expand through Breathexperience practices, and how bringing our Presence when facilitating a Clean process enhances that inquiry.
  • Practice Opportunities: Conduct short Clean sessions with a partner, including your Allowed Breath as a resource. What happens?
  • Group Exploration:
    • How are Breathexperience and Clean different? Similar?
    • As a Clean Coach, what would you like to have happen? How might your Breath support that?
    • Is your Allowed Breath a resource? If so, what kind of resource?
    • What kind of possibilities for application do you see/sense/imagine

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