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Charge What You're Worth - 6 Keys To Unlocking Your Profits in 2023








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For established women coaches, consultants and trainers running a successful business of their own, who want to boost results this year and work fewer hours.

Join Alison Haill live online on Monday 24 April 2023 at 12.30 UK time.

In her structured and practical 60-minute workshop live online you’ll gain tips, insights and reminders, including:

▪ Clarity on the “Jigsaw Affect” and how it creates your profit
▪ Practical changes you can make now
▪ Mindset Breakthrough
▪ Marketing ideas to suit your personality
▪ A confident “Leader Mindset” for your business in the year ahead

This is a ‘must’ if you’re often too busy IN the business to give proper time and attention to working ON it!

  • Make 3 changes
  • Build momentum
  • Feel galvanised
  • Get learnings and reminders. Make decisions. Take action.

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Monday 24 April
At 12.30 pm (UK time)
On Zoom

Register here and receive these as a bonus:
1. Free: 1:1 follow-up meeting with me
2. Recording

Alison Haill

As an Executive Business Coach running her own expertise-based business for the last 24 years, Alison knows the highs and lows of being a business owner – and what works in today’s businesses. She has built a system that has worked for her own coaching practice and works for the women in her ‘Charge What You’re Worth And Get It’ groups. So much so that they return to her programmes because working with Alison  produces the results they want. .

Having invested £££s over the years learning from marketing experts herself, she has now distilled the essence of all that learning and shares it with you, combined with her own practical business experience. She has created this structured event to share what has worked for her and others, and will work for you.

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