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Hooray, I’ve opened the doors to my brand-new Coaching Group!

Act now if you are a coach, trainer or consultant who wants to raise your prices and gain more clients in 2020.

And if you’re in the TCD community, enjoy a special savings.

Make this YOUR year – to enjoy doing your very best work while making the money you deserve and desire, WITHOUT long hours or over-delivering. This is the perfect time to start building your business differently for 2020 and the new decade.

If you’ve tried to do it alone but struggle, to:

  • Get enough clients (without relying on others who take a big chunk of the fee)
  • Make more money so you can save, invest enough in your own development, give to others and have more fun time NOT working
  • Find the time (or self-discipline) and energy to work ON your business
  • Gain more free time without losing income …

Then I’ve designed this for you!

Application is by conversation so book an informal chat with me to find out more.

Yes, this is the perfect time to start because:

  • This new group coaching will launch in March
  • This is a more advanced group for experienced coaches
  • There are only 12 places (and a third are already gone)

You’ll gain lots of benefits

These are some of the transformations you’ll get:

  • Powerful new confidence that feels authentic and raises you up to be your best
  • You’ll be more magnetic to clients,
  • You’ll be more convincing so you attract others easily
  • You’ll have a new clarity on the unique value to clients of your work
  • You always know what to charge and what to say when clients ask
  • You’ll bring out more commitment from clients (because of your higher pricing) so they play their A-game and get better results
  • You’ll be coaching even better yourself because your new pricing inspires you to a higher level of performance

This is a new 6-month super-practical mentoring programme, in a very small group so you get plenty of personal help, totally on Zoom video conference (so no travelling), and with me in person every time as your coach and mentor.

  • Practical tips, models and proven ways to make your service more magnetic to clients
  • Practical pricing formula  and premium pricing strategy
  • Your own Archetype Profile and how to use it for branding
  • And much much more

Application is by conversation so book a chat with me.

  • Only 12 places available
  • Programme start date: 27 March 
  • Special savings for the TCD community
    • Book your call before 10 March and save £200

Bonus Gift: access to my 3 NEW training videos with useful ideas and tips to start you thinking, totally free of charge.

Email me now at

  • To request the link to my videos
  • To get a special Tips gift so you can get started now.

To find out more book your informal chat with me so I can answer all your questions!

Alison Haill is an experienced Executive Business Coach and specialist in Coaching. A champion of coaching, she wants to make it accessible to everyone so, to further this goal, she teaches coaching skills to managers in organisations and schools, and business-thriving skills to coaches. She is the author of two books for managers in the workplace ‘How To Coach Your Team Into Superstars’ and ‘The S-Factor Coaching Handbook’.

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