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Certification in Mentor Coaching – COACHME© LEVEL 7 (UK Qualification Framework)








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Professional Certificate/Certification in Mentor Coaching with Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy


Gain experience in ICF Core Competencies, skills and behaviours to develop your Mentor Coaching capacity, benefiting your own learning, your coaches and the wider system!


You will leave this deep development experience with skills, knowledge and behaviours ready to apply in-depth understanding of the ICF Core Competencies in your mentor coaching sessions.

This programme will be delivered by Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy, ICF Master Certified Coach and Registered Mentor Coach, EMCC Master Practitioner and Accredited Supervisor. It is  experiential and we encourage you to be a reflective practitioner throughout.

Together we partner to clarify how the PCC Markers are used for assessment purposes for providing effective feedback as a Mentor Coach. You will practice Mentor Coaching with your peers whilst working also with your own Mentee as part of the Certification element.

This programme has been submitted for approval for 40 ICF CCEs and is at Level 7 (UK Qualification Framework) therefore, an advanced coach training where you will further develop your own coaching, including knowing, understanding and being able to apply a systemic lens in coaching and mentor coaching. ​

The programme is delivered over 8 modules live online over 4 months, includes ongoing practice, reflections and reading, and culminates in an assessment of your mentor coaching.

This programme is for coaches who have at least 60 hours of synchronous coach training (ICF approved, accredited or equivalent e.g. ILM).


  • Develop in-depth understanding of the different roles a coach may have and the specific distinction of Mentor Coaching and Super-vision (therapy and consulting and traditional mentoring) for Credentialing.
  • Be able to apply ICF Core Competencies in Mentor Coaching practice.
  • Work confidently indicating the difference between ACC and PCC level coaching for each Core Competence
  • Experience giving and receiving feedback whilst practicing the learning of the programme both verbally and in writing
  • Know, understand and effectively apply the roles and responsibilities of an ICF Mentor Coach for Credentialing and Development purposes whilst creating appropriate documentation, upholding ethical standards and pricing, pitching and promoting clearly.

“This program was led by a consummate professional who clearly is an experienced Mentor Coach both technically, yet also in terms of presence and impact. The content was interactive, thorough, challenging and thought-provoking… I have gained a great deal of confidence to now include mentor coaching as part of my work… I highly recommend the work of CoachME and the way their model fits so well with the skills and behaviors of a Mentor Coach…” Dr Laurence Brown


Induction  – 24 November 2020


1 – 01 December 2020

2 – 08 December 2020

3 – 15 December 2020

4 – 05 January 2021

5 – 12 January 2021

6 – 19 January 2021

7 – 26 January 2021

8 – 02 February 20201

Presentations 16 February 2021


*20% Early Bird reduction if paid in full before 20 November*

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