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Building Resilience Creatively – with Lindsey Wheeler

At a time when Resilience is needed by all of us as we navigate our way to the new normal, it’s more important than ever to find new ways of working and new ways of exploring our personal and professional development.

​And one of them is the opportunity to work virtually and creatively.

​Working creatively opens up a new channel within you, and your clients, and provides a new vocabulary with which to explore what’s going on.
​Join us in our on-line workshops to creatively explore the 4 primary emotions of Fear, Happiness, Anger and Grief, all of which are hugely relevant to today’s situation and emotions that many people say they are experiencing in some shape or form.

In each session you’ll participate in creative techniques that help build your Resilience and support your personal and professional development. By experiencing them real-time and working on areas that are important to you, you’ll feel the power of these creative techniques to open up new perspectives. And by doing so, receive some much-treasured time to reflect on yourself too.


​All workshops are 10.00 – 11.30am (1.5hrs)

5th June – Fear 

12th June – Gratitude

19th June – Grief 

26th June – Happiness 

3rd July – Anger

Materials: Once you have joined a workshop, we will send you an email with ideas about what to collect and have to hand. This varies from workshop to workshop but it’s always worthwhile having some coloured pens or pencils, scissors, glue and some A4 paper. ​

Here’s what other people say
We have already run an on-line session and this is what people said ….

“What makes squiggles on a sheet of paper not just colour, shapes, curves, lines, dots and dashes? When you can translate them into a language that enables you and others to understand your state, your emotions, your thoughts, relationship with yourself and the world outside of you.” 
“What a great time to explore my emotions and pick up some great tips on how to help clients explore theirs.”
“I felt it!! And in breakout discussion I started to really think about inside vs outside me or is there such a thing or am I a continuum a matter connected with the rest of everything. Heck. All of that from drawing with a few coloured pens on three pieces of blank white paper. Let’s all get creative!”


To Book & Pay

In this current situation we believe it’s right for people to pay what they can afford.

Whether that’s £1, the price of a coffee, or more, the choice is yours. As a guideline we would normally charge £30 for these workshops.

Payment can be made via PayPal

Please go to your PayPal account and ‘send money’ to and pay what you are comfortable with. Please ADD A NOTE to say which dates you are booking for. Thank you

Payment can be made via BACS

If you are unable to use PayPal please pay via BACS transfer to the following account. For the REFERENCE please use the dates of the events you are attending.  (The ‘Reference’ area via BACS is very small and you may not get them all in, in which case, we’d be grateful if you could send us an email to confirm the dates you are booking for. Thank you


Lloyds Bank PLC: Sort Code: 30-91-31: Account Number: 03199098

Account Name: Chrysalis Cons/Exec Development

Thank you

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Lindsey Wheeler works as an executive development coach and outplacement and career coach, having qualified in coaching after a successful corporate career spanning global sales, marketing and organisational development. She originally trained as an NLP coach and then went on to develop her skills in a variety of models and techniques where she developed a deep love of using creative ways to facilitate her client’s journey. She now partners with Christina Bachini to share her knowledge and experience with other coaches and counsellors so they can personally experience the value of physical and creative approaches and adapt and use them in their own practice.

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