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Hosted by APECS – Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision

Join us for this interactive event with Michelle Lucas, author of newly published Creating the Reflective Habit (Routledge).

A webinar presented by Michelle Lucas.

A practical workshop exploring Michelle’s 8 component model for reflective practice, aiming to bring diversity to expand your current practice. Michelle’s latest book “Creating the Reflective Habit” launches on 14 June and her APECS session will give you a great insight into the work, along with some practical ideas and inquiries.

As an APECS member, you will already appreciate the value of your independent reflective practice alongside other support and developmental practices, like supervision. This is a chance to consider your habits of reflective practice and consider expanding this.

The session will start with a quick explanation of how the book came about and Michelle will speak about some of the myths of reflective practice that she would is aiming to explode. The rest of the session will focus on each of the 8 components that she encourages readers to experiment with as they develop, embed and re-fresh a reflective practice that works for them. Most time will be spent on the question of the process selected for reflection – many practitioners enjoy the process of journalling. This is largely a left brain activity and the book offers twelve variations on a journaling theme for experimentation. Additionally, the book offers a diversity of prompts using poetry, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic cues which might appeal to more right brain processing. There will be some dedicated and independent time within the session to experiment with one prompt – what will you choose? Something that fits with your known preference? Or something more experimental that might challenge what you currently see as your preference?

Those attending will be reminded of the discount code with which you can purchase the book at Routledge and also a complimentary ticket to one of Michelle’s Regular Reflective Practice space sessions. This is an opportunity for individual reflection, experimenting with prompts from the book, alongside fellow practitioners who are all committed to deepening and diversifying their reflective practice.

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