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We often say “it’s always about boundaries”. Explore yours and make them stronger.

At a time when Resilience is needed by all of us as we navigate our way to the new normal, it’s more important than ever to find new ways of working and new ways of exploring our personal and professional development.

And one of them is the opportunity to work virtually and creatively.

Working creatively opens up a new channel within you, and your clients, and provides a new vocabulary with which to explore what’s going on.

Join us in our 1.5-hour online workshops to creatively explore a variety of emotions, all of which are hugely relevant to today’s situation.

In each session you’ll participate in creative techniques that help build your own well-being and resilience and support your professional development. By experiencing them real-time and working on areas that are important to you, you’ll feel the power of these creative techniques to open up new perspectives. And by doing so, receive some much-treasured time to reflect on yourself.

It’s important for you to know that you will be experiencing the creative techniques first-hand (these sessions are not webinars) and working on yourself and your relationship with these topics. In order to so, and also support the other participants on their own journey, you will need both video and audio whilst on the Zoom session.

​We have a maximum of 12 people on our workshops because we are working deeply together, and we feel we all benefit from it being a smaller group.

These workshops are led by Lindsey Wheeler and Christina Bachini

Lindsey Wheeler is a founder member of TCD and works as an executive development coach, outplacement and career coach, having qualified in coaching after a successful corporate career spanning global sales, marketing and organisational development. She originally trained as an NLP coach and then went on to develop her skills in a variety of models and techniques where she uncovered a deep love of using creative ways to facilitate her client’s journey. She now partners with Christina Bachini to share their knowledge and experience with other coaches, counsellors and psychologist so they can personally experience the value of creative approaches and adapt them for their own practice.

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