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Beyond words: art in executive and leadership coaching








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A webinar presented by APECS member Anna Sheather.

The executive coaching space can be a complex one with the challenges of supporting clients to achieve personal fulfilment in their role, operating in a way that feels aligned with their own values and goals, whilst maximising their professional impact to achieve organisational goals. It is also a space where clients are time poor and lasting change can be a challenge.

In this experiential and reflective session Anna shares her art-based executive coaching practice and demonstrates how the use of art and image making can have a powerful impact in executive and leadership coaching. Anna explores how using visual expressive language and image making enables clients to hold the complex whole and create deeply reflexive spaces that led to lasting shifts – going beyond the thinking mind and connecting with the intuitive, more knowing, mind. The session is based on her article ‘Beyond Words: art-based approaches in executive coaching’, Coaching Today, July 2022.

Who is the session aimed at?

The session is for coaches who are interested in exploring something new for their practice or who are curious about art-based executive coaching.

Materials for the session

To get the best from the session please bring with you some paper and drawing materials such as colouring pencils, children’s wax crayons and felt tip pens. If you have paints such as children’s paints or watercolours that would be great but not essential. The main thing is to have a selection, but if that isn’t possible just bring what you have available.

Speaker bio

Anna Sheather is an Executive Coach and Supervisor who is also a self taught artist. Anna has been researching and developing art based coaching for many years and is the author of Coaching Beyond Words – Using Art to Deepen and Enrich Our Conversations, Routledge 2019. Anna’s research has expanded into supervision and Anna now uses art regularly in her supervisory practice. To find out more about her executive coaching practice please visit, and to find out more about ART in Coaching please visit

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