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£ 100

Second group meeting of 2020 – April 14th at 13:30 – Near Reading

We have just started our supervision group for 2020.

If you are looking to join a supervision group or if supervision is something you have yet to try or to commit to, come and join us for a trial session

Sessions last three hours.  Typically there will be between five and seven coaches in the group for each session. 

When we meet, we may explore client work, or we may use the time to look at our practice by exploring common themes in coaching such as boundaries, ethics, the coach’s stance. Last time, we built a Constellation to explore a coach’s work with their client.  Supervision is always a learning experience.


We meet at The Oakwood Centre – Headley Rd, Woodley, Reading RG5 4JZ


£540 for 6 three hour sessions over a twelve month period – just £30 per hour of supervision.

Before you commit to the group, come and join us for just one session and see if it meets your needs – just £100 for one session – 3 hours of great learning.


For further information contact Steve Ridgley on 07749 651851


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