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Beating Procrastination and Boosting Profits






Stratford-upon-Avon, UK


£ 0

My aim is to help small businesses have their best year ever in business.

Come along for this 60 minute mastermind session, and I guarantee to show you how to beat procrastination and be more productive and profitable than ever before. And it won’t cost you a penny. It’s absolutely free with no obligation.

You’ll discover:

  • how to develop a mindset of excellence in business and life
  • how to become focussed on the 5 top priorities to grow your business this year
  • how to maintain consistent positive action for you (and your team)
  • the 4 reasons why people procrastinate
  • how to turn your individual potential into patent, profitable action
  • that it’s absolutely FREE!

Please note: This event is best suited to SMEs with two or more staff.


This event is facilitated by Leadership Coach, Meriel Swain. Meriel is based in the South Midlands, her company is called Sweet Success Coaching. Meriel works with Executives, Managers, Team Members, and Private Individuals in Stratford-upon-Avon, Cheltenham & Birmingham and surrounding locations – visit her profile for more information.

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