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Hosted by APECS and presented by Peter Bluckert

“Looking back over my professional life initially as a therapist, and later as a coach and leadership development consultant, I recognise that my work has always been about Gestalt …”

~ Peter Bluckert.

During this webinar, with the help of Eve Turner, Peter will aim to create a held space where a dialogue might emerge where we can share what interests us about Gestalt. This will probably encompass some of its guiding principles, its core concepts, its various applications, and the many contexts it continues to be practiced in.

Those joining the session can expect to engage in some directed awareness experiments and Peter will draw on some material from his book Gestalt Coaching: Distinctive Features, published recently by Routledge. He would also like to address the question of ‘how we can make this work accessible to more people?’.


Peter Bluckert bio summary
• Consultant, coach and facilitator to FTSE 100 CEO’s and executive leadership teams over a 40-year period
• Founded, led and grown four successful coaching and leadership development consultancies
• Writer/author of several books and articles on coaching and vertical leadership development
• Designer and workshop leader of prestigious Courage and Spark transformational leadership programme
• Innovator and pioneer in the field of leadership development and executive coaching


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