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Why would you want to learn how to facilitate action learning sets?  Because your organisational clients want to:

  • Build authentic leaders; and independent, critical thinkers
  • Offer a leveraged coaching approach to people at all levels of the organisation, at a fraction of the cost of executive coaching
  • Create a coaching culture
  • Transfer learning from classroom training back into the workplace
  • Build trusting, collaborative relationships across departments and geographies

You can personally leverage your coaching skills to make a difference for more people.

In this highly experiential training, facilitated by Coach Supervisor Clare Norman you will learn how to facilitate action learning sets for high impact learning, drawing on your existing coaching experience.  As an added bonus, you will be able to work on your own challenges and opportunities within the set, experiencing what it’s like to be a participant.

The course will be run over two days from 9.30pm-5pm, with up to 6 participants (minimum four participants), all experienced coaches. 

What is action learning?

Individuals, usually 4 to 6 in number, meet regularly to support one another in their learning, based on real problems, following a process originally developed by Reg Revans.   Within a session, each set member has time in which to present a challenge or opportunity that they face, and then receive coaching from the other members; to define the problem more precisely, to create options, to establish a desired solution,  and to select a strategy for the way forward.  The action tends to happen in between sets, and they report back on what they learned from experimenting with new behaviours.  As part of the process, they also learn how to coach, how to give feedback and how to work better in a group, all of which are transferable skills.

The approach used is often described as a coaching style. This means that set members do not offer advice, but ask questions and offer observations that help the presenter think his or her way through the issues. In this way the problem remains the ‘property’ of the presenter, who also then ‘owns’ the solution.   Each person brings a different perspective to the group, new lenses through which to figure out what to do next.

Course Programme

Day one:

  • Experience different kinds of action learning as an action learning set yourselves
  • Observe the facilitation skills needed for a successful set, multiple times
  • Receive the kinds of pre- and post-session materials that you could use with your own groups

Day two:

  • Facilitate action learning, experimenting as you do so, with feedback on your facilitation skills
  • Learn from others’ facilitation skills
  • Discuss the implementation of action learning sets

Please note: the event is planned as face to face, the venue is in Hampshire, however if government guidelines say so, the training will be conducted via Zoom which has worked successfully in the past.  Full details on the website.

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