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Working with the Body in Executive Coaching 

Today coaches are becoming increasingly aware that embodiment practice is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but is a vital element of a coach’s tool kit.

Despite this, many may struggle to find accessible, credible, scientifically based, clearly defined tools that coaches can easily integrate into their practice.

In this webinar series our speakers, Claire Dale and Kevin Chapman from The Physical Intelligence Institute, open their Physical Intelligence (PI) tool kit.

All change happens in the body. At a fundamental level all our thoughts and emotions, memories and experiences are chemicals.

Topics that coaches work with every day, such as confidence, motivation, risk tolerance, creativity, self-esteem, and compassion are feelings; neuro-physiological states which are influenced by how we use the amazing, natural technology of our bodies.

Claire and Kevin will share some of the fundamentals that enable coaches to start working with clients who are leaders in a digital, static, and exponentially changing world, and support them to develop greater strength, flexibility, resilience, and endurance.


Who is this webinar series for? 

New Coach, Seasoned Coach, Executive Coach, Team Coach, Personal or Career Coach, Leader Coach, Health Coach, Supervisor, HR /OD Professional, Internal Coach.


In this webinar series you will learn:

  • The neurochemistry and neurophysiology underpinning how a human being works, and how it is possible to understand and access higher levels of performance
  • How to build the four elements of Physical Intelligence; strength, flexibility, resilience, and endurance, and why they matter for the performance and connection of individuals and teams
  • Powerful techniques to work with the chemistry of flow, creativity, human connection, trust, confidence, motivation, and results
  • How to work in a variety of ways with posture, breath and movement, and presence to enable the techniques above
  • To practice using PI tools with colleagues to create greater behavioural and leadership flexibility


Description of each webinar

Webinar 1: Creativity and Flow – 13th February 2023

What causes ‘stuckness’ and how can we use the incredible technology of the body, our awareness, and new experiences to release energy, increase capability to handle pressure, unlock different patterns of thought and emotion, and build flexibility and resilience.

Webinar 2: Trust and Confidence – 20th February 2023

How can we enable our clients to find and apply greater levels of trust and confidence in their leadership, creating great relationships and building cultures of compassion alongside productivity.

Webinar 3: Results, Drive and Accountability – 27th February 2023

Where does motivation for results come from, and how can we enable clients to move towards those behaviours and outcomes that are going to bring them, their teams, and organizations the greatest success and fulfilment.

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