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Coaching has achieved a great deal over the last forty years in terms of individual personal benefit, but going forward it needs to focus more on how it delivers value beyond the individual coachee to all the coachee’s stakeholders.

Professor Peter Hawkins has been one of the leading pioneers of Systemic Coaching, Coaching Supervision, and Systemic Team Coaching.  His new book with Eve Turner “Systemic Team Coaching – Delivering Value Beyond the Individual” (published by Routledge in December 2019), has received acclaim from many of the world’s leading coaches as well as organizational clients. Peter runs training in Systemic Coaching and Systemic Team Coaching all around the world from China to America and from South Africa to Scandinavia.

The webinar series will present the approach and models for working systemically as a coach, including multi-stakeholder contracting, ways of bringing the stakeholder and ecological focus into the coaching work and ways of using supervision and evaluation to ensure maximum impact from coaching. The series will be highly interactive with the opportunity to ask questions before during and after each webinar.

Topics and schedule for the webinar series

6 February 2020 – The Necessary Revolution in Coaching

27 February 2020 – The key tools and methods of Systemic Coaching

19 March 2020 – Increasing our impact in the world and how we resource ourselves

**Live webinars will take place at: 13hrs00 GMT on the above dates.


Webinar 1: The Necessary Revolution in Coaching. Why coaching needs to move from expensive personal development to systemic coaching, creating value for all stakeholders?
This webinar will share global research on how what has made coaching so successful in the 20th century is not sufficient for the coaching that is needed in the 21st century.  It will show how coaches can move beyond delivering personal development for their coachee to partnering with their coachee to deliver greater benefit to all their stakeholders, including the wider ecology.

Webinar 2: The key tools and methods of Systemic Coaching
This webinar will introduce some of the key tools and methods of systemic coaching including:

  • Multi-stakeholder contracting;
  • Establishing a working partnership, where the coach and coachee work together on the work required by the coachee’s future world;
  • Ways of bringing the stakeholder’s voice into the coaching room;
  • Moving beyond insight and good intentions to transformational and embodied change within the coaching room.

Webinar 3: Increasing our impact in the world and how we resource ourselves.
This webinar will focus on both how we as coaches can increase our beneficial impact in the world and work more from source, rather than effort and grow our capacity to do the work.

Recordings and slides will be made available for all registered participants.

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