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The “Supervision in Coaching” webinar series is based on the Association for Coaching “Supervision in Coaching: Supervision, Ethics and Continous Professional Development” book, edited by Jonathan Passmore and published by Kogan Page.

“Supervision in Coaching” examines how coaches can use professional development tools including supervision and continuing professional development to improve and develop their coaching practice.

Written by a team of international coaching practitioners, the book provides essential guidance on this increasingly key area of coaching practice. The authors provide advice on a range of topics, including: Approaches to supervision, managing ethical dilemmas, the role of regulation and licensing in coaching and the development of accreditation and professional standards.

A copy of the book accompanies this webinar series and will be mailed to each registered participant.


Sue Congram, Julie Allan and Peter Hawkins


A series of 4 online seminars: 60 minute interactive webinar and post session resources.


17th April   The experiential field and supervision
11th May    Ethics, wisdom and the spaces in between
21st May    How to get the most value from your Coaching Supervision
4th June     Bringing it all together: Panel discussion with all speakers, facilitated by Michelle Lucas

Course Rate

Members: £85 + VAT
Non-Members: £150 + VAT
Non-Members including 1 year AC Associate membership: £135 + VAT

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