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In this three-part webinar series, we will look at how energy applies to your life and that of your clients and how to make it work for you, not against you by digging into each of the energy levels in greater detail.

You will find that some of the levels are associated with the stress and effort that you experience in life whilst others are related to effectiveness and satisfaction.

Understanding what affects our energy and how we think, feel and act, is the starting point to transforming to a more effective way of being.

With this knowledge, you will learn how to shift your energy and that of your clients so that you can spend less time feeling helpless and more time creating sustainable results.

Speaker – Charlotte Nicholson

Charlotte is an international speaker and core energy coach helping people optimize their lives, so they spend less time feeling powerless in times of change and more time feeling empowered to achieve it all.

Charlotte works with expat families in navigating the challenges and opportunities of living abroad and partners with global companies—from academia to travel & hospitality—to teach teams how to lead through uncertainty and increase their fulfillment and flexibility.

With 23 years living abroad in 7 different countries, multiple coaching certifications, and countless client-facing roles around the world, Charlotte uses the breadth of her experience to help other self-starters thrive during transitions and find their freedom.

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