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Have you ever felt that there is a coaching story inside of you bursting to get out?

Either a story based on your client encounters, or one that is fictionalized, several steps removed from reality?

Take a moment to think about how you chat to others about your various coaching encounters.

Think about the scenarios you run in your head about your coaching sessions: how you should have done it differently;  how it nearly went horribly wrong;  how the scenario was rescued just in time…

These encounters can include CPD sessions, supervisor conversations, chats in a coffee shop as you try to make sense of what just happened.

Join us for a webinar series that will get your creative juices flowing.  

This 3 part series is co-led by Dr. Daniel Doherty, an AC Master Coach, who has for many years worked in and researched the field of ’narrative inquiry’ and Julia Forster, an author, coach, writer, and development specialist.

Narrative Inquiry in coaching research and personal development is an increasingly mature approach to making sense of what coaching is.

No need to look at a blank page. Let your story come to life in the presence of fellow story writers.

Find that voice within you.


Speaker – Daniel Doherty

Daniel’s interest in narrative inquiry has found expression in the creation of an acclaimed novel, ’Nest of Rakes,’ set in a coaching context.

Daniel, in his role as a business school tutor at masters level, has led many creative writing classes for students keen to explore their experiences through a different lens.

He is intrigued now to discover how this learning practice might transfer from the workshop setting to online.

Speaker – Julia Forster

Julia’s passion is to develop qualities of character to sustain an artistic or creative practice and loves to work at the interface between creativity and resilience.

She has worked in a variety of publishing roles, and currently coordinates an annual writing prize, the New Welsh Writing Awards.

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