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Coaching Functionally Fluent Behaviours in the Workplace

The Functional Fluency model describes the behaviours we use in constructive, effective relationships and those which are ineffective or that cause conflict. It reveals how to save energy wasted on ineffective behaviours, promoting more successful interactions.

Join us to learn a valuable tool for helping coaching clients overcome difficulties with managers, staff, or colleagues that cause stress or prevent them from achieving their goals.
This approach can also positively influence others and help people move forward with their careers.

Our speakers, Valerie Fawcett and David Brown, will share how and when you can use Functional Fluency with your coaching clients to improve interpersonal connections, personal well-being and stress management, leadership, and team working.

Who is this webinar series for?

New and experienced coaches, Executive Coaches, Personal or Career Coaches, Health Coaches, Supervisors, Leader Coaches, HR /OD professionals and Internal Coaches.

In this webinar series, you will learn:

  1. a) How Functional Fluency describes effective and ineffective behaviours in relationships
    b) The key behaviour which enables everyone to build constructive relationships
    c) How ineffective, reactive behaviours can be changed to effective, responsive behaviours
    d) How and when to use Functional Fluency with coaching clients
    e) To explore real scenarios and gain an in-depth knowledge of the model

Webinar 1: Introduction to Functional Fluency Part 1 – 15th November

In an interactive session, participants will gain a thorough grounding in the Functional Fluency model, explore how to use it, and reflect on how it illuminates their own behaviour.

Webinar 2: Introduction to Functional Fluency Part 2 – 22nd November

In this session, participants will work in small groups to explore scenarios on what Functional Fluency shows us about having good relationships with others and ourselves. We will also focus on using the model with coaching clients and practice applying it.

Webinar 3: Reflection and appreciating the scope beyond the individual – 29th November

This session is an opportunity to hear from others and receive supervision on using the model with clients. We will explore the possibilities for use with individuals, groups, teams, and organizations.

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