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AC Skills Development - Supporting Your Coaching Clients to Be More Resilient






Madingley, Cambridge CB23 8AQ, UK


£ 25 - £40 + VAT

The Association for Coaching is delighted to offer you the opportunity to participate in our Cambridge event ‘Supporting Your Coaching Clients to Be More Resilient – practical tools to add to your toolkit’. On this day you will explore the topic of resilience, together with one or more tools you can bring to your coaching conversations.

The demands of life can take their toll at certain times, so much so that we may find ourselves feeling out of balance and unable to perform at our best.  Personal resilience enables us to more effectively manage ourselves in the wake of such challenges.

As coaches, we may have clients who are struggling with a certain ‘event’ in their lives – be it change within their workplace, feeling overwhelmed with demands on their time or a relationship

Resilience coaching is about how we can support our clients to regain their sense of equilibrium.

In this skills development evening you will learn:

1. What resilience is and why do we/our clients need it even more in this day and age?

2. The signs that someone is struggling with their resilience

3. The qualities of a resilient person

4. A number of tools to use with your clients to help support them

5. The potential challenges of this type of coaching and how to manage those challenges

Places are limited so please book now. 


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