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Functional Fluency Recipes for Interpersonal Success

The Association for Coaching are pleased to welcome Valerie Fawcett & Rona Rowe to speak at our Skill Development Day in London. Join Valerie & Rona as they guide you through the Functional Fluency Model, allowing coaches of all levels to apply this within their coaching practice

Functional Fluency is a framework for thinking about the effective behaviour which underlies flourishing human relationships.  Following their webinar on Effective Behaviour Choices for Coaches and their Clients, Rona Rowe and Valerie Fawcett are offering an interactive workshop to enable new and experienced coaches to get to know the Functional Fluency model in depth so they can use it in their coaching and training.

The workshop will enable you to:

– Gain new insights both for yourself and your professional practice
– Learn how to apply the model to coaching for personal development, team working, career development or leadership development
– Work with the framework to evaluate professional impact, identify effective energy use, negotiate working and personal relationships and build personal resilience.

In this Skills Development Day you will:

– Understand how the Functional Fluency model describes effective and ineffective behaviours in both working and personal relationship
– Identify how to use the model in coaching
– Expand your insight and understanding of behaviours in yourselves and others
– Understand how the Functional Fluency model can be used to build personal resilience
– Have an overview of the TIFF personal profiling tool associated with the model.

Speaker Bios

Valerie Fawcett is an experienced coach and trainer of coaches. She works with managers and leaders on developing their practice through coaching and training using Functional Fluency and other models, predominantly from Transactional Analysis.  Valerie believes that managers’ self-awareness and understanding of how to use their strengths and develop effective behaviour in their relationships is the best foundation for success. She has recently used Functional Fluency and TIFF individual profiling as a key learning tool in the Brookes Leadership Programme at Oxford Brookes University.

Valerie also works with people at all levels on personal development and building personal resilience, often with the use of Functional Fluency. She is a qualified workplace mediator.

Rona Rowe is an independent leadership coach and learning consultant who works with individuals and teams in the private and public sector to expand their capacity to think creatively, communicate with clarity and maximise the effectiveness of their working alliances. She is particularly interested in how leaders and managers recognise their behaviours as enabling or diminishing and how they can shift their attitudes to sustain more effective choices. Rona’s view is that a self-aware and self-regulating leadership enables more resilient teams and client-focussed organisations. Recently she has been working in collaboration with Restorative Justice practitioners on conflict resolution between teams. Earlier this year, she co-published a research report with Egremont International I Stone & River, entitled The Art of Not-Knowing, Leading in an Age of Uncertainty. Rona is trained in organisational and counselling Transactional Analysis and uses the Functional Fluency model to support the development of her clients’ effective working alliances and reflect on her practice.

Price and Special Offers

AC member: £160 + VAT. Early Bird Price £130 + VAT

Non AC member: £190+ VAT. Early Bird Price £160 + VAT

Attendance qualifies for CPD and a certificate will be emailed to you post-event.

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