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Hosted by the Association for Coaching and presented by Clare Norman.

Are you coaching at your very best level? Do you have clients that are not making as much progress as you think they are capable of? And are you wondering what part you play in that?

If you suspect that you have fallen into bad habits or might have some blind spots, then this AC Signature Programme will help you to sharpen your coaching edge.

Clare Norman, our speaker for this programme, has developed a new body of work titled “UnLearning to Coach” – an approach that helps us rewire the things we have learned through life and work to become extraordinary coaches.

Through observing and giving feedback on 700 hours of recorded coaching sessions, Clare noticed some patterns in the practitioner’s coaching that were not particularly useful. These patterns seemed to be habits formed from what we learned from our parents, teachers, peers, managers, our culture, faith or ethnicity, or our coach trainers.

Join us for a ten-webinars deep-dive into what you need to unlearn to be the best coach you can be!

Who is this Signature Programme for? 

Coaches and Supervisors at all levels and coaching types who wish to shed old thinking habits, sharpen their coaching edge, and make a significant step-change in their practice.

In this Signature Programme you will:

  1. Identify your pre-programmed mindsets that get in the way of your being the best coach you can be
  2.  Replace those mindsets to make way for new skill sets
  3.  Practice the new skill sets with feedback against a benchmark set of competencies

Format: A series of 10 online sessions.

25 January 2022     Introduction and contracting

1 February 2022     What we learnt from our parents/guardians

8 February 2022     What we learnt from our culture, faith, or ethnicity

15 February 2022   What we learnt from our schools and teachers

22 February 2022   What we learnt from our peers

1 March 2022            Practical Application (Coaching in triads)

8 March 2022            What we learnt from our work so far

15 March 2022         What we learnt from our managers

22 March 2022         What we learnt from our coach training

29 March 2022          Bringing it all together and next steps


Speaker Bio

Following a 20+ year career in corporate learning and development functions, where Clare won awards for her innovative programmes, she now splits her time between leadership and transition coaching in organizations and coach supervision and mentor coaching.

Clare has an ICF PCC certification, currently working towards her MCC, and has observed over 570 hours of coaching in action – either live or recorded. She has written a book about Mentor Coaching .

Her definition of coaching, devised in collaboration with a group of mentor coachees, is: “a joint endeavour to discover new thinking that moves the Thinker forward’.




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