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Hosted by Association for Coaching, this 10 part webinar series takes place between 3 Nov 2021- 26 Jan 2022

There are few things that all human beings have in common: we all strive to be happy.

Positive Psychology and Existentialism go into the heart of these matters with rigor and depth. They can help us inform our coaching and supervision practice, allowing us to help our clients deal with the big existential questions as well as the day-to-day challenges.

This Signature Programme will explore what it means to be human and how psychology and philosophy can help us be better coaches and supervisors.

Yannick Jacob will introduce the positive-existential landscape, learn about models and theories of happiness, how we can identify and work with strengths.

He will share the key themes in existentialism and how they show up in the coaching room for clients and coaches. The key themes include time, endings, meaning, absurdity, freedom, responsibility, uncertainty, existential isolation, authenticity, and identity.

You will discover how being a coach (just like being human) requires the “courage to be” and fosters existential resilience against life’s inevitable challenges, paradoxes, and dilemmas.

We will explore what good boundaries mean and introduce ethics as a set of questions rather than rules. Along the way, we’ll offer plenty of ideas, practical tools, tangible examples, and space for meaningful conversation and practice in triads or supervision fishbowls.


Yannick Jacob is an Existential Coach (MA), Positive Psychologist (MSc), Coach Trainer & Supervisor (DIP), and Mediator (SPCP Dispute Resolution). He’s the Program Director of the Accredited Certificate in Integrative Coaching at the School of Positive Transformation, for which he’s gathered many of the world’s most influential coaches, and he’s the former Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at the University of East London.

Yannick is part of the teaching faculties at The School of Life, Animas Centre for Coaching, and the International Centre for Coaching Supervision, and he presents at conferences internationally. His book, An Introduction to Existential Coaching, was published by Routledge. Learn more about Yannick and his work at and

Webinar Dates

3 Nov 2021   What it means to be human?

10 Oct 2021   What it means to be happy?

17 Nov 2021   Working with strengths and resources in coaching & supervision

24 Nov 2021   Existential themes in supervision – part one

1 Dec 2021      Existential themes in supervision – part two

8 Dec 2021      Fostering resilience: A positive-existential perspective

15 Dec 2021   Who you are is how you coach?

12 Jan 2022   Choosing to be. Choosing to coach

19 Jan 2022   An existential take on authority

 26 Jan 2022  Going deep: Navigating ethics and boundaries in coaching supervision
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