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Live Coaching Lab: A Six-Session Journey 

Are you interested in observing an entire coaching journey from start to finish?

Our Live Coaching Lab offers you a chance to be a fly on the wall from the first encounter with a client in the chemistry session all the way to session six of a coaching engagement.

Join experienced coach, trainer, and supervisor Yannick Jacob as he accompanies a client on their coaching journey. You will observe Yannick’s eclectic coaching style, heavily influenced by existential coaching principles and positive psychology.

Each coaching session is followed by reflections, debriefing and Q&A with Yannick so that we can make the most of our learning experience and observe the inner workings of a positive-existential coach.

The AC has a growing library of Live Coaching Demos available for AC Members, but it’s rare to be able to follow up on the client’s progress or take more time to explore issues in real depth. This Signature Programme will be live and is open to coaches from around the globe.

Who is this Signature Programme for?

New and Seasoned Coaches, Personal or Career Coaches, Internal Coaches or Coaching Supervisors are welcome to join us.

In this Signature Programme, you will learn:

  • How a complete block of coaching (including consultation) may look like
  • More about the positive-existential approach to coaching
  • What operates in the background when Yannick coaches
  • How to set up a coaching engagement, and how to close it
  • How to invite feedback from a client

Active learning and bonus content

Participants are encouraged to be curious about Yannick’s approach and think critically about Yannick’s and their own coaching style.

During our last webinar, participants will be able to experiment with new skills, techniques or ways of being as part of a breakout triad.

Description of each webinar

Webinar 1: Coaching Session One (Chemistry Session)
Yannick meets the client for the first time, they explore why they are seeking coaching at this time, they ascertain whether coaching with Yannick feels like the right fit, they contract and decide on the next steps.
Following the coaching session, Yannick will share his reflections, answer participants’ questions and debrief for 30 minutes.

Webinar 2: Coaching Session Two – 15th February 2023
If the combination of coach and client felt like a good fit, this will be the first official coaching session.
Following the coaching session, Yannick will share his reflections, answer participants’ questions and debrief for 30 minutes.

Webinars 3 to 5: Coaching Sessions Three to Five – 1st, 15th & 29th March 2023
Yannick coaches his client for the usual 45 minutes, followed by debriefing and questions from the audience.

Webinar 6: Coaching Session Six – 12th April 2023

This is the sixth and final coaching session where Yannick and his client will mark the end of the engagement and bring the coaching to an end. This will be followed by Yannick sharing his reflections, answering participants’ questions and debriefing for 30 minutes.

Webinar 7: Reflections with the client and practice session – 26th April 2023
Our final webinar is a dedicated space for reflections and questions in the context of the coaching journey as a whole and for participants to practice their own coaching.

This time the client will join us to share their perspective on the journey, and the group will be able to ask them about their experience of being coached.

Yannick will add his reflections, and we will bring the Coaching Lab to a close with a round of practice in breakout rooms to allow participants to try out new techniques, tools, or ways of being that they may have picked up on along the way.

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