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“What matters is WHO we are WHEN we engage with digitalization and not THAT we engage with it.”

We are delighted to bring to life another article featured in our quarterly Coaching Perspectives magazine, this time focusing on Changing Organizations.

Join our next AC Coaching Conversation on Tuesday, 18 July, where Clare Manning will interview Tünde Erdös live on LinkedIn.

We’re losing our secure base of a ‘socially-connected-self-forshared-responsibility’ in a digital world where organizations have lost sight of what it means to have great teams anchored in social contracts. Social contracts are essential because it takes collaborative processes to achieve solid buy-ins for high-impact change projects. It’s a world in which coaching could help organizations move beyond the paradigm that collaborative decision-making is at odds with fast decision-making.

We, coaches, can raise the level in all we engage in if we only realize that we are always just an idea away from a new reality. The ultimate question is: what do we want to role model?

Our AC Coaching Conversations bring you authors featured in the latest issue of Coaching Perspectives. The April 2023 edition focuses on Changing Organisations.

Bring your questions for Tünde to LinkedIn Live on Tuesday, 18 July.


Please read the article Workplace Coaching by Tünde Erdös ahead of the LinkedIn Live event in the latest edition of the Coaching Perspectives magazine (Issue 37, January 2023). We will share the PDF article in the booking confirmation.

Guest Bio

Tünde Erdös holds a PhD in business and organizational management and an Ashridge master’s in executive and team coaching. Tünde is an academic, ICF MCC coach, and senior practitioner with EMCC.

She has authored four articles in high-ranking peer-reviewed scientific journals, three books and a range of articles in professional coaching magazines. Tünde runs her ICF-accredited coach-leader experiential learning set focusing on presence as the key competence at mastery level.

Recently, Tünde produced a documentary: The light and shadow of coaching – in and beyond organizations, to collect donations to fund coach training for women in Kenya. 

Host Bio

Clare Manning is an experienced Coach, Supervisor, Mediator, Trainer, and Facilitator. She has worked in the field for over a decade and specializes in Leadership Development, Intercultural communication, and well-being.

Clare has been a manager in Higher Education for the last 15 years and has always loved helping people to develop, acquire new skills and progress. Life Coaching was a natural next step for her as she wanted to put her intuition, creativity and listening skills to even better use and do more immediate work with individuals.

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