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A case study: inspiring audiences into action








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A case study: inspiring audiences into action

Your income and impact rely on influencing target audiences to take action: to buy, learn or donate – whatever your objective.
This case study explores one of the UK’s largest-ever environmental campaigns, London’s Kew Gardens ‘Grow Wild’, which triggered actions online and on the ground. This £14m campaign created positive behavioural change among millions of young people and adults – and won multiple national awards.

In this webinar delivered by The Institute of Leadership & Management, you will receive a shortcut to key learnings from the successes and failures of ‘Grow Wild’, including tips on delivering messaging, evaluation, partnerships and cultural change.


Speaker – Philip Turvil is Programme Director at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He transformed a £14m learning initiative ‘Grow Wild’, from a failing pilot to one exceeding targets and winning national awards for achieving outcomes; in recognition he received Kew’s highest accolade in 2018, the ‘William Aiton Medal’.
Philip delivers impact and income for ambitious organisations using positive disruption and collaboration to transform strategy and operations.

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